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Our Expertise & Passion


Let us help you manage your social media and marketing efforts!  

Kmarketingspace is a marketing consulting and social media management company. We perform marketing campaigns and strategies to maximize the performance of your business. 


Our goal is to take the stress out of managing your company’s digital marketing efforts. Through my knowledge and experience of social media, we will take the time to learn about your company, learn what makes you unique, and develop a strategy that will allow you to succeed. We have the credentials and certifications to build the best strategies to grow your business.


Our hope is to provide you and/or your business with digital marketing assistance, social media campaign management, and the marketing tools to be successful.

Kendra Hassan, Founder of KMarketingspace
Kendra Hassan, Founder of KMarketingspace



Kendra is the founder of Kmarketingspace. Kendra has experience working with a wide range of companies from fitness franchises to non-profits, travel agents, salons and aestheticians and even start-ups. Kendra is always focused on boosting your businesses growth through marketing strategies and opportunities. With great attention to detail and a historic entrepreneurial mindset, Kendra is the person behind the brands of marketing leaders and business owners. 


Kendra has a background in digital marketing, public relations, social media management, sales and event planning. With knowledge of how to generate leads and drive key marketing tactics, Kendra knows how important a successful digital marketing campaign is. 


  • B.S Marketing 

  • Hubspot Academy Social Media Certified

  • Loud Rumor Marketing Certified 

  • Erik Russell Sales & Marketing Certified

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
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